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30 FAQs about MediMobile’s Autonomous Coding Solution:

What is MediMobile's Autonomous Coding Solution?

MediMobile's Autonomous Coding Solution is an innovative AI-based technology that reads medical documentation, creates, and accurately codes all charges for providers, eliminating the need for manual charge capture.

How does AI help me in healthcare documentation?

AI, through MediMobile, removes redundant processes and enhances analytical revenue reconciliation. The goal is to eliminate charge capture for providers, allowing them to focus on patient care.

How accurate is the MediMobile Autonomous Medical Coding?

The accuracy of MediMobile's Autonomous Coding depends on the depth of documentation. Current usage indicates a 50% to 100% higher accuracy compared to competitors, thanks to unique proprietary processes and technology.

What sets MediMobile's AI process apart from others?

MediMobile integrates AI seamlessly into existing technologies and processes, making it user-friendly without the need for providers to re-learn or change their workflows. This includes automating tasks, charges, and medical coding to reduce workload.


Can I see what MediMobile AI is doing for me?

Absolutely! MediMobile provides configuration options, allowing users to view all charges created and coded by AI in provider lists and the Charge Review Application for billers and coders.

When does MediMobile AI create charges?

MediMobile AI creates and codes charges once the patient's medical chart is completed in the EMR. The autonomous coding engine identifies missing charges, creates them, and presents them to providers for approval or instant processing.

Can MediMobile handle my volume of charts?

Yes, MediMobile can handle large volumes of charts by reading documents and then presenting CPT and ICD codes in real-time.

Do you require a specific type of interface for integration?

Preferred interfaces for integration include HL7, MDM, and ADT.

What percentage of medical records can be coded without human intervention?

MediMobile codes 100% of completed, authenticated documentation without requiring human intervention.

What specialties does MediMobile Autonomous Coding support?

MediMobile Autonomous Coding is designed to work for any specialty within the healthcare industry.

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Which EMR systems can MediMobile interface with?

MediMobile can interface with any EMR system, providing flexibility and compatibility.

What percentage of accuracy does MediMobile achieve in coding CPT?

Based on provided documentation, MediMobile achieves the highest level of accuracy in coding CPT. If certainty is lacking, feedback is provided to enhance accuracy to 100%.

How does the setup and implementation of MediMobile's AI Autonomous Coding work?

Setting up and implementing MediMobile's AI Autonomous Coding is a straightforward process. Clinicians or groups select specific EMR templates, start using selected documentation templates, and receive real-time recommendations for CPT and DX codes. They can then accept or update, creating an ongoing feedback loop to improve accuracy forever.

What benefits does MediMobile's AI Autonomous Coding offer?

MediMobile's AI Autonomous Coding provides several benefits, including a 50% reduction in operational costs, improved coding accuracy, a 75% reduction in coder workload, quick audit capabilities, and a reduction in claim denials.

How does the autonomous coding engine deliver coding levels and diagnoses without provider interaction?

The autonomous coding engine interprets documents and delivers coding levels and diagnoses without requiring provider interaction. Providers or coders can review and either approve or edit CPT or diagnoses to optimize accuracy further.

Can providers review coded charges before submission?

Yes, providers can review all coded charges before submission or choose to have them automatically submitted, with the option to review at a later time.

What does the automated scoring grid for final code selection and review entail?

The automated scoring grid streamlines the final code selection and review process, allowing for improved documentation through clinical addendums and re-coding in the system.

How does MediMobile ensure charge integrity?

MediMobile excels at identifying and capturing missing charges, eliminating revenue leakage and optimizing revenue for healthcare providers.


What is the significance of real-time insurance updates?

Real-time insurance updates provide immediate insights into insurance changes, facilitating proactive decision-making for healthcare providers.

How does MediMobile handle the workload for both clinicians and coders?

MediMobile's streamlined process, powered by automation, significantly reduces the workload for both clinicians and coders, allowing them to focus on essential tasks.

What makes MediMobile's AI process user-friendly for existing customers?

MediMobile has seamlessly incorporated AI into existing technologies and processes, allowing users to benefit from the new technology without the need to re-learn or change their existing workflows.

How does the autonomous coding engine handle missing information in documentation?

The autonomous coding engine identifies missing information in documentation and provides feedback to clinicians, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

How can I see Autonomous Coding in action?

We would love to show you through a live demonstration. Please schedule one our calendar here!

How does the AI solution ensure a unified documentation experience?

MediMobile offers a seamless experience by consolidating clinical documentation directly within the application, ensuring clarity and accessibility for users.

What role does deep learning play in the coding process?

MediMobile's deep learning tools analyze documentation, labs, diagnostic reports, medications, old records, and vital signs to ensure accurate coding recommendations.

How does MediMobile handle different specialties in healthcare?

MediMobile Autonomous Coding is versatile and works for any specialty within the healthcare industry.


What feedback does MediMobile provide if coding accuracy is not certain?

If coding accuracy is not certain, MediMobile provides feedback on the documentation to help users achieve 100% accuracy.

Can MediMobile handle a large volume of medical charts efficiently?

Yes, MediMobile efficiently reads documents and presents CPT and ICD codes in real-time, making it capable of handling large volumes of medical charts.

What does MediMobile’s Autonomous Coding exactly automate?

We automate charge creation, CPT code selection, ICD-10 diagnosis selection, and MIPS measure generation.

How does MediMobile contribute to a transformative journey in healthcare documentation?

MediMobile's AI Autonomous Coding not only adopts a revolutionary solution but also embraces a transformative journey towards efficiency and precision in healthcare documentation, minimizing administrative burdens and maximizing accuracy.



To see a demo of MediMobile's Autonomous Coding in action, schedule a no pressure demo on our calendar now: https://go.medimobile.com/schedule-with-the-medimobile-sales-team



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