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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Feb 5, 2019 11:45:00 AM

In 2018, there was a rise of hospital closures due to financial instability and weak revenue cycle performances.  However, in 2019 this doesn’t mean you have to fall into that group and miss out on revenue as well.  At MediMobile, we believe in improving and simplifying the business of healthcare.

We have the 9 Steps to Revenue Cycle Success:

Charge Capture-01-1
1. Charge Capture

Capturing revenue has never been easier!  We have the mobile solution to replace the notecards medical providers are using to capture charges and record data.  Our solution maximizes charge capture by improving coding speed and accuracy through our Provider Assistant Coder (PAC) and user-friendly home screen.  As a result, providers will see an increase in their revenue on average by $30,000.

2. Clinical Documentation in Application
We provide visibility to clinical documentation in real time feeds to provide the most recent patient information and view any missing or unsigned documentation.  Our application powers instant facesheets and populates demographic information all at your fingertips.  You can now begin eliminating the use of hospital portals and medical record request while reducing FTE requests.

revenue cycle
3. Revenue Reconciliation
Imagine being capable of reconciling all charges for each Date of Service and identifying the root cause for all lost or missing revenue.  Identify which charges are missing associated documentation as well as any documentation missing associated charges.  This application powers real-time charge reconciliation by using charge capture and clinical documentation data.


4. HIPAA Compliant Messaging
Our software offers secure messaging for providers to communicate safely and easily with each other.  Improve your quality of care by being able to consult other physicians within seconds for better care coordination.  All of your date is secured using a 256 bit encryption during transit and this is free for anyone in your facility to use.

5. Physician Care Coordination
Ease the transitions to value-based care by providing clarity on the care patients are receiving every day.  Coordination improves outcomes and continuity of patient care by automatically notifying a patient’s PCP when a discharge code is entered.  By being able to send updates to the designated PCP, this allows providers to send pre-formatted, pre-populated admit and discharge letters.

Monitor w home screen
6. Dashboards and Analytics
Our fully customizable home screen dashboard helps you easily track, review and run reports all in one place.  Executives are able to drill down into specific reports and review all collected data.  Physicians are able to monitor their billing, patient list management and overall workflow management, all at-a-glance.

Bar graph
7. Real-time Quality Reporting
Gain unparalleled insight into your practice through comprehensive reports and have the life of your practice in the palm of your hand.  You can customize your reporting outputs on any specific metrics for your organization such as documentation compliance, time-to-bill, confirmed billing, core measure tracking, readmit rates and more.  Keep track of your work RVUs and encounter volumes per provider.

8. MIPS Registry
Begin tracking your MIPS quality measures with performance monitoring in real-time and keep an eye on your overall business health.  Identify denominator eligible cases and capture performances of any measure while tracking compliance.  Begin reviewing provider documentation and MIPS information as part of your revenue cycle management process.


9. EMR/Billing Company Integrations
MediMobile integrates with all EMR systems to be the smoothest and most efficient hospital integration in the industry.  We manage the flow of data between multiple facility EHRs, practice management, and billing systems.  This provides billers visibility to all relevant data in one place, eliminating the need for portals.

These 9 steps are product services offered when you choose MediMobile as your Charge Capture provider.  Get in touch by talking to one of our local MediMobile specialists today!

Learn more about taking control of your revenue cycle at www.MediMobile.com



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