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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Aug 20, 2018 1:21:05 PM



  • Organization's days sales outstanding were higher than average
  • Unsystematic checks and balances coding errors
  • Inefficient reporting and audits


  • Rapid implementation of Clinical Documentation & Reconciliation solutions
  • Streamlining of HIPAA-compliant process
  • Maximize revenue cycle time


  • Reduced coding errors by improving documentation
  • Captured millions of dollars in missing charges
  • Significant DSO improvement

In the past, our partner struggled with an inefficient collections workflow process and several variables played a role in the increasing rate of days sales outstanding (DSO). MediMobile realizes that managing your cash flow is vital to your organizations revenue cycle process.

MediMobile was able to provide an overnight implementation of Clinical Documentation & Reconciliation. Following the implementation, MediMobile consulted and trained the staff on the new streamlined process and was able to identify the root cause for all lost or missing revenue and prevent delays in the collections process.

case study - dso chart 2

As a result, MediMobile solutions helped discover millions of dollars in revenue that had not been submitted. There has been a 56% DSO improvement from 80 days, decreased to 35 days and continues to decrease. Real-time customized reporting and audits have sped up the billing workflow process by reducing coding errors and delays in confirmed charges. Our HIPAA compliant streamlined documentation process has maximized their revenue cycle time for a clearer financial future.

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