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Posted by MediMobile on Apr 24, 2020 3:38:31 PM

New Feature Alert: DRGs & GMLOS

MediMobile just released the first round of MANY new features to be unveiled in 2020 that are all focused on delivering actionable data.  First up: DRGs & GMLOS.  CMS' Geometric Mean Length of Stay (GMLOS) now displays next to each patients' name when a working DRG is available.  A very simple, yet incredibly powerful, detail.

From DAY ONE in the hospital, MediMobile displays the patient's current LOS compared to the GMLOS provided by CMS.  A constant reminder to providers as they build care plans, coordinate resources, assess the most appropriate next-site-of-care, and develop discharge plans for each and every patient.  

MediMobile's new features empower our partners to:

  • Identify patients that are on track to be discharged and organize their day appropriately

  • Load balance patient assignments

  • Track actual LOS vs CMS' GMLOS

  • Understand the potential financial impact (positive or negative)

  • Control costs

  • Gain insight into the DRGs that present LOS challenges, assess, and implement change when necessary

  • Track Final DRGs

... and that's just the beginning.  Adding the current LOS vs GMLOS tracker naturally compliments the care coordination and discharge planning tools available within MediMobile today, and because it's "the new kid on the block" in our reporting suite... we are just now tapping into all the ways it can be leveraged to drive cost down and quality up.  We want to hear from you!  What are your thoughts and ideas on how you would like to see MediMobile leverage GMLOS?

MediMobile's latest feature release, incorporating Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs) and Geometric Mean Length of Stay (GMLOS) data, marks a significant step towards delivering actionable insights to healthcare providers. By integrating GMLOS information alongside each patient's name, our platform provides immediate visibility into key metrics that inform care decisions from the moment a patient enters the hospital. This real-time comparison of current Length of Stay (LOS) with CMS' GMLOS serves as a valuable tool for providers, guiding care planning, resource allocation, and discharge strategies to optimize patient outcomes and financial performance.

With MediMobile's new features, our partners gain the ability to proactively identify patients on track for discharge, enabling efficient organization of daily workflows and patient assignments. By tracking actual LOS versus CMS' GMLOS, healthcare teams can better understand potential financial implications and implement strategies to control costs while maintaining quality care. Moreover, the ability to analyze DRGs associated with LOS challenges empowers providers to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted interventions, ultimately enhancing both clinical and financial outcomes.



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April 24, 2020 |


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