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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Oct 26, 2023 9:32:22 AM

RCM with AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding by MediMobile

MediMobile stands at the forefront of the charge capture industry with over two decades of excellence providing the best mobile charge capture software and solutions. Our latest groundbreaking innovation, AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding, is set to redefine the revenue cycle management process, eliminating the need for charge capture and ushering in a new era of streamlined operations.

MediMobile AI Autonomous Coding

The Power of AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding

MediMobile's commitment to advancing healthcare technology is evident in our incorporation of artificial intelligence into the charge capture solution. AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding aims to alleviate the burden on clinical and coding teams by automating the front-end revenue cycle management process. This not only reduces errors but significantly enhances coding accuracy, ensuring that no revenue opportunities are missed.

The autonomous coding engine delivers document-interpreted coding levels and diagnoses with no provider interaction. Providers or coders can quickly review the results, approving or editing CPT or diagnoses to further optimize accuracy.

Real-Time Data Feeds for Unparalleled Efficiency

MediMobile takes pride in being the first and only charge capture software suite to utilize real-time data feeds. By leveraging clinical documentation, we provide an unparalleled advantage in coding compliance and billing efficiency. This innovative approach minimizes delays in billing processes, offering a swift and reliable solution for healthcare providers.

Seamless Data Integrations for Always-Current Information

Real-time access and updates to patient and physician data, including demographics and insurance information, ensure that the most current information is always available. This commitment to seamless data integration sets MediMobile apart, providing healthcare teams with a comprehensive and up-to-date view for informed decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Adoption

MediMobile understands the importance of a user-friendly interface in healthcare technology adoption. MediMobile’s platform simplifies the learning curve, allowing healthcare teams to integrate seamlessly into their daily workflow. With an impressive 99.9% uptime, clinicians can rely on uninterrupted access, promoting smooth operations and increased efficiency.

MediMobile AI Medical Coding Interface Screen

ICD 10 Code Library for Accuracy and Speed

For situations where clinician-coded charge capture is necessary, MediMobile offers an up-to-date ICD-10 Code Library. This feature provides lightning-fast code selection, reducing the likelihood of coding errors and saving valuable time. The convenience of ICD-10 and CPT favorites further enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Charge Review System for Enhanced Quality Control

MediMobile's charge review system empowers coders and administrative teams to address missing clinical documentation and unsigned documents before transferring data into the billing system. Real-time updates from the EMR ensure the most up-to-date information, leading to increased efficiency and a reduction in denials.

Tailored Service Offerings for Varied Needs

With three levels of service offerings—Essentials, Advanced, and AI Autonomous Coding—MediMobile provides a tailored solution for specific needs. Whether it's essential charge capture, advanced monitoring, or the revolutionary AI-based autonomous coding, healthcare providers can choose the level that aligns with their requirements.

Comprehensive Suite of Services for Optimal Results

Beyond charge capture, MediMobile offers a full suite of services, including medical billing, a secure communication application, and quality measure programs. The promise of a return on investment within 3 to 6 months and an overall revenue increase of 10 to 40% underscores the effectiveness of our comprehensive offerings.

Unparalleled Support and Training

MediMobile ensures a seamless onboarding experience with 24/7/365 live support, one-on-one training, and a wealth of resources, including videos covering various aspects of their software. Technical support engineers are readily available by phone or email, reaffirming their commitment to customer success.

Data Hub Services for Secure Data Sharing

The Data Hub Services by MediMobile provide a unified solution for secure data sharing needs. Whether for a single healthcare facility or an entire hospital system, the HUB service establishes an interface to direct and send data where it's needed most, ensuring the highest levels of security and HIPAA compliance.

The MediMobile Difference

What truly sets MediMobile apart is the availability of clinical documentation for everyone in real-time, directly within the application. Immediate access to visible documentation expedites billing cycles, enhances accuracy, and allows clinicians to remain at the bedside, improving clinical quality. This innovation provides a significant advantage, translating efficiencies directly into financial gains. MediMobile's AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding Engine represents a groundbreaking leap forward in healthcare revenue cycle management. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and accuracy, MediMobile continues to redefine the standards of excellence in mobile charge capture solutions, providing healthcare providers with the tools they need to thrive in the modern healthcare landscape. Embrace the future of AI in healthcare and medical coding with MediMobile.

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