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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Mar 26, 2024 8:17:11 AM

How MediMobile’s Charge Review System Simplifies Work for Coders and Billers

Technologies like MediMobile’s Charge Review system are revolutionizing the way billing and coding tasks are managed, streamlining processes, and enhancing accuracy. Any mistakes in how medical services are billed can mean lost money for hospitals and clinics. That's why tools like MediMobile’s Charge Review system are so important. They help billing and coding staff do their jobs better and faster, making sure everything is accurate.

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Efficiency Redefined with Charge Review

MediMobile’s Charge Review is a tailored application designed specifically for billers and coders. Its suite of products equips users with all the necessary information to complete charges accurately and promptly. This automation is a game-changer, creating efficiencies customized to the unique needs of billers and coders. Let’s delve into the benefits:

Queue-Based Review: The system offers an efficient queue-based Charge Review system, allowing users to review and process completed charges swiftly.

Comprehensive Audit Capabilities: Complete audit capabilities ensure transparency and accountability in the coding process, reducing errors and minimizing compliance risks.

Reason Tracking: With reason tracking functionalities, users can easily track charges that have been down coded, up coded, or modified, facilitating accurate reporting and decision-making.

Physician Feedback: The system learns from physician feedback, offering a summary of charges that have been edited. This enables ongoing provider education and collaboration, enhancing overall coding accuracy.

Structured Charge View: Users benefit from a structured and efficient charge view and verification process, simplifying complex coding tasks and improving workflow efficiency.

Autonomous Charge Creation: By autonomously generating CPT and ICD-10 diagnosis charges, the system reduces manual data entry, minimizing errors and accelerating the billing process.

Automatic Work Queue Creation: The system automatically creates coder/biller work queues, including charge bounce-backs, streamlining task assignment and prioritization. 

Clinical Documentation Integration: Clinical documentation bound to charges and stored within MediMobile ensures quick retrieval and reference, facilitating comprehensive coding.

The Impact of Autonomous Coding

In the face of budget constraints and staffing shortages, the healthcare revenue cycle workforce is under immense pressure to cope with high-volume workloads and increasing complexity. Autonomous coding solutions, like MediMobile offers,, are reshaping the revenue cycle landscape by alleviating the burden on coders and enhancing operational efficiencies.

  1. Accelerated Coding Process: Autonomous coding solutions decipher physician notes and assign compliant medical codes instantly, significantly reducing coding backlogs and accelerating payment cycles.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: These solutions ensure coding accuracy for the majority of outpatient specialties, mitigating the risk of errors and denials associated with manual coding.
  3. Improved Productivity: By automating routine tasks and data entry requirements, autonomous coding frees up coders to focus on more complex cases, boosting productivity and efficiency.
  4. Alleviated Administrative Burden: Revenue cycle automation reduces administrative burdens for clinicians and coders, improving job satisfaction and reducing burnout.


Embracing the Future of Coding

As healthcare organizations embrace autonomous coding solutions, they are poised to reap the benefits of increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. While the implementation of such technologies may necessitate adjustments to performance metrics and workflows, the overall impact on revenue cycle management is undeniable.

MediMobile’s Charge Review system, coupled with the development of our Autonomous Coding solution, represents a transformative step forward in healthcare revenue cycle management. By leveraging technology to streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and alleviate administrative burdens, organizations can achieve better financial outcomes while maintaining focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

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