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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Sep 11, 2023 8:49:31 AM

Key Elements of Great Charge Capture Software for Physicians

Efficient and accurate capture of charges is crucial for physicians and medical practices. Reliable and consistent charge capture has revolutionized the way healthcare professionals manage their revenue cycle, so a great software platform is necessary. Among the many options available, MediMobile stands out as a leader in the field, offering a comprehensive mobile charge capture solution that is transforming the way clinicians, administrators, and hospital systems handle their billing processes.

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Charge Capture with MediMobile

MediMobile's flagship product is a mobile charge capture solution that leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline the charge capture process. We’ll discuss the key elements that make MediMobile's charge capture software highly effective and essential for physicians.

  1. Mobile Charge Capture

One of the standout features of MediMobile's solution is its seamless integration with both iOS and Android devices. The web and mobile charge capture platforms work flawlessly across all browsers, ensuring that physicians and their teams can effortlessly capture charges on the go, eliminating the risk of missed billing opportunities.

  1. ICD-10 Code Library

MediMobile understands the importance of accuracy in coding. With their up-to-date and refined ICD-10 Code Library, healthcare professionals gain access to lightning-fast code selection, reducing the chances of coding errors and saving valuable time.

  1. ICD-10 and CPT Favorites

To further expedite the charge capture process, MediMobile provides the convenience of ICD-10 and CPT favorites. This feature allows users to easily access frequently used codes, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

  1. Reliable Uptime

MediMobile's commitment to reliability is evident in its impressive 99.9% uptime. Physicians can rely on uninterrupted access and smooth operation whenever they need it, ensuring there are no disruptions in their billing processes.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

Designed for easy adoption, MediMobile's platform simplifies the learning curve for users. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for healthcare teams to integrate the software seamlessly into their daily workflows.

  1. 24/7 Live Support

MediMobile understands that questions and issues can arise at any time. That's why they offer round-the-clock live support from experienced engineers who are ready to assist whenever assistance is required, providing peace of mind to users.

Automating Coding & Charge Capture

MediMobile goes beyond traditional charge capture software by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its suite of products. This AI-driven approach is dedicated to automating coding and charge capture processes, maximizing billing efficiency while reducing operational costs. Here are some key innovations:

  1. Real-Time Data Feeds

MediMobile is the first and only charge capture software suite to create real-time data feeds. This feature allows clinicians, coders, and billers to access clinical documentation within a single application, improving collaboration and reducing delays in billing.

  1. Configurable Workflow Tools

MediMobile stands out as the first charge capture software suite to introduce configurable workflow tools. This enables customers to customize the software to match their unique processes, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.

  1. AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding

MediMobile leads the industry by incorporating artificial intelligence into its charge capture solution. This AI-driven approach helps eliminate charge capture from the clinical and coder workload and automate the complete revenue cycle management (RCM) processes based on authenticated clinical documentation, reducing errors and improving billing accuracy.

Charge Reconciliation and Review

MediMobile's charge capture software also includes a comprehensive charge reconciliation and review system. This system helps providers complete their daily workflow tasks efficiently by addressing missing clinical documentation, unsigned documents, and missing charges. Key benefits include:

-Actionable monitoring dashboards for all levels of your organization to create an effective RCM program.

-An alert system for missing or incorrect items, ensuring billing accuracy.

-Elimination of manual missing bill reconciliation, reducing operational and administrative costs.

-Efficient queue-based Coder Charge Review system with complete audit capabilities.

-Physician feedback that provides a summary of charges that have been edited, enabling provider education and continuous improvement.

Data Integrations for Optimized Patient and Practice Management

As technology advances in the medical field, the need for efficient data integrations becomes paramount. MediMobile offers real-time access and updates to all relevant patient and physician data, including demographic/insurance information (ADT feeds) and physician documentation. Key advantages include:

-Real-time HL7 message updates 24/7/365, ensuring the most current information is always available.

-Immediate visibility to clinical documentation, reducing billing days outstanding.

-A higher number of initial clean claims, improving revenue cycle management.

The key elements of effective charge capture software for physicians are embodied in MediMobile's comprehensive solution. With features like mobile charge capture, an extensive code library, reliable uptime, and advanced AI integration, MediMobile is at the forefront of charge capture technology. Our commitment to simplifying workflows, providing 24/7 support, and automating coding processes ensures that healthcare professionals can focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care while optimizing their revenue cycle management. Discover the power of mobile charge capture with MediMobile and experience a revolution in your practice's billing efficiency.


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