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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Oct 1, 2019 12:06:08 PM

MediMobile & Remedy Partners:

Bundle Payment and Episode Connect Integration


MediMobile, a leading technology provider of Revenue Cycle initiatives and mobile Charge Capture, has partnered with Remedy Partners (Remedy), the nation’s leading bundled payment company, to offer a secure Charge Capture and Bundle Payment integrations through the exchange and identification of patients that are enrolled in the bundle payment program.  This integration allows Providers to properly identify covered patients via data integration points and provide real-time visibility on the patient’s progression through the transition of care from hospital to facility base post-acute care to home.

By partnering with Remedy Partners, MediMobile provided a fundamental understanding of the overall Bundle Payment process along with very experienced integration experts to ensure the delivery of the solution was done in a cost and technically effective manner.  MediMobile understands the objective of the bundle payment program and the benefit of the partnership / integration brought a wealth of value and innovation to the solution.

MediMobile displayed expertise across the board from the management of the effort to the delivery of the solution and to customers of both MediMobile and Remedy.  MediMobile’s approach, methodologies, and capabilities enabled innovative, flexible and agile solutions to the many challenges faced by customers working to ensure better transitional care for patients.

The partnership between MediMobile and Remedy provided a platform to produce better results and improved patient experience at a lower cost to CMS, which shares the savings among the participating providers in the program and combines episode-of-care data for patients in a secure HIPAA-compliant process.

MediMobile and Remedy continues to work across the healthcare industry to ensure value of the partnership is fully realized through a successfully improved patient experience.

About MediMobile

MediMobile specializes in aligning the healthcare business processes with technology.  We provide focused customized development and integration services via collaboration and knowledge/project management.  Our forte is team-based solutions: developing synergy between our partners - the domain experts; and ourselves - the software experts, adding value to all business partners involved.  We emphasize collaborative requirement analysis and rapid prototyping: a recipe for good business and software development.

MediMobile puts a premium on the lessons learned and we collectively bring from our best practices.  This enables us to introduce new and innovative approaches to exceeding the requirements of our partners.

MediMobile has Integrated Solutions, Professional Services, and Subject Matter Experts (SME) that apply the latest technologies and industry methodologies to Project Management, Health/Data Analytics, Process Re-engineering, Health IT, Logistic and Training challenges.  Our commitment to better patient care has repeatedly produced extraordinary results.  We are many voices, but operate as a single unified force, applying technical skill, creativity, and agility to move forward - further and faster to get the job done.

About Remedy Partners

Remedy Partners delivers software and services that enable payers, employers and at-risk providers to organize and finance healthcare delivery around a patient's episode of care.  For healthcare providers, Remedy Partners’ software has analytics and administrative services that support bundled payment contracts with Medicare and non-governmental payers, often through shared-risk partnerships. For payers, Remedy Partners empowers the development of bundled payment contracting programs and guides development of bundled payment networks.  Remedy Partners currently delivers its services to partners at more than 1,000 healthcare locations nationwide.


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