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Posted by The MediMobile Team on May 21, 2024 11:37:02 AM

Data Study: MediMobile Users Create Over One Million Bills Every Month


At MediMobile, we are committed to excellence and innovation in revolutionizing charge capture and medical coding solutions. Our users create over one million bills every month, a testament to our dedication providing the most efficient and reliable solutions for healthcare providers.

With over 50,000 clinicians benefiting from our solutions, MediMobile has established itself as a trusted partner in healthcare revenue cycle management. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. By choosing MediMobile as your solution, you join thousands of providers who trust in the power of our technology. Together, we can take your healthcare practice to new heights, ensuring the best workday for you and the highest quality care for your patients.




Simplifying Charge Capture for Healthcare Providers

One of the key advantages of MediMobile’s system is its seamless integration with existing electronic medical record (EMR) systems. MediMobile’s cutting-edge charge capture technology is designed to give doctors the easiest and fastest way to capture charges. Our system integrates all clinical documentation directly and provides real-time insurance updates that empower healthcare providers to make the best decisions for their patients. This streamlined process not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of medical billing.

Tailored Solutions for Every Healthcare Facility

Whether you're a large hospital or a small clinic, MediMobile’s suite of products and services is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our Autonomous Coding solution automates the entire charge capture process, eliminating the need for manual entry and paperwork. This saves an impressive 10-20 hours per workweek. This also means more time can be dedicated to patient care, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare professionals.

MediMobile AI Medical Coding View

A look at the interface of our Automated Medical Coding solution


Comprehensive Solutions for Clinicians & Healthcare Professionals

Our solutions encompass a wide range of functionalities designed to optimize every aspect of effortless charge capture and revenue cycle management:

  • Advanced Charge Capture Suite: Facilitate charge creation and the selection of optimal billing codes with streamlined access to medical records and automated scoring of documentation.

  • Efficient Charge Review Suite: Minimize errors and enhance the charge review process with real-time updates from ADT messages and customizable validation rules.

  • Enhanced Coding Management: Optimize access to medical records for coders and billers, match records accurately per provider NPI, and effortlessly identify any missing bills or documentation.

  • Seamless Practice Management & Transition of Care: Guarantee compliance and smooth care transitions with our rules-based engine and patient length of stay (LOS) tracking features.

  • Quality Payment Programs & Value-Based Care Optimization: Fulfill regulatory requirements and maximize incentives through robust support for MIPS measures capture.

  • Insightful Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics: Provide your organization with powerful, actionable insights using customizable dashboards and real-time monitoring tools.

  • Optimized Integration & Data Management: Improve efficiency with seamless integration into third-party billing systems, ensuring real-time updates and synchronized data management.


To streamline your healthcare operation, visit​ our website for a look at our full offerings: www.MediMobile.com

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