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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Feb 2, 2018 11:36:04 AM

We've talked before about how MIPS can seem daunting. Take a deep breathe and relax, there's still no need to panic. This isn't to say that MIPS isn't important or worth your time and attention as a provider or health organization. Far from it. But we think it's time MIPS is no longer made out to be an unclimbable mountain. It's easy to talk-the-talk, but we actually walk-the-walk when it comes to reporting MIPS quality measures. Let us explain.

MIPS medimobileWe are a certified MIPS registry. All that means is that we are are a CMS-approved entity that can collect clinical data from MIPS eligible clinicians (groups and individuals) and submit it directly to CMS. By measuring some key metrics, we can effectively handle all of your MIPS needs.

Data Capture: Using charge capture, you can identify eligible cases and capture the performance of any measures. 

Claims Submission: Transfer case and performance data to your billing system for submission through claims.

Analytics: Track MIPS and measure compliance and performance in real-time.

Auditing: Review provider documentation and MIPS information as part of your revenue cycle management processes.

 Confused on MIPS reporting requirements for quality measures? Here you go:

  • Each individual tax identification number (TIN) / national provider identifier (NPI) combination must submit 6 measures
  • Must submit a minimum of 60% of eligible encounters for all payers for program year 2018
  • 1 of the measures must be a high priority / outcome measure
  • Payment adjustment for year 2020
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