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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Jun 25, 2019 11:44:15 AM

Our Charge Capture technology places physicians in the driver's seat of maximizing practice revenue at the point-of-care in real time.  We are able to customize the software to accommodate all types of doctors in different specialties to generate the most efficient workflow and deliver true coding quality to enable providers to get paid for the work they do.  We created an interface that allows users to easily navigate which will alleviate paperwork and put doctors back to the bedside of patients. Many organizations across the country need to come up for air and improve their current Charge Capture methods.

In 2018, hospital practices hit some roadblocks when it came to their Charge Capture system. Many studies and surveys were conducted in the healthcare industry which exposed the harsh reality of how healthcare employees feel at work. One term was especially used, physician burnout, employees feel overworked and stressed from using out of date workflows.

From inception, we have delivered the most advanced technology on the market, provide real customer support, and offer a scalable pricing model to our customers.  MediMobile offers a highly customizable, enterprise-level suite of tools, including revenue cycle management, practice management, care coordination and business intelligence.

Providers: Capture charges, manage patients, improve ICD-10 coding speed and accuracy and message your entire care team.  Gain industry leading reporting and analytics to view missing bills, identify unsigned charts, manage your census list, track RVUs/Productivity and more.

Coders & Billers: Control your revenue cycle through medical documentation management, automated rules, charge workflows, and ICD-10 guidance which reduces errors and provides an overall efficient solution to your current needs.

Administrators: Simplify practice management with solutions that help keep track of patient populations, MIPS, outcomes, and charge volumes.

Executives: Gain full visibility of day-to-day operations, revenue cycle management, Charge Capture, practice management, ICD-10 coding and MIPS quality measures. View real-time reporting and analytics which gives you insight to documentation compliance, time-to-bill, confirmed billing, core measure tracking, readmit rates, and more.

Now is the time to eliminate the burden of paper documentation that is long overdue and upgrade your EHR standards. We improve overall practice efficiencies by providing a platform that integrates with EHRs and has many functionalities that is built with your user preferences. MediMobile puts the best medical software technology at your fingertips to create bills in real time at the point of service, quick and easy on your mobile phone or on the web if you prefer. We are committed to helping you streamline processes and to provide the highest quality care of your patients.

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