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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Feb 9, 2018 3:45:17 PM

In the healthcare industry, it's pretty easy to get pigeon-holed into a certain category. You either do this or you do that. For MediMobile, we often get connected to the mobile charge capture space specifically. Don't get us wrong, we have no complaints about that. We're confident we're the best in the industry at what we do, especially when it comes to charge capture. However, there's much more under the hood of our software.

Revenue Cycle Maximization

We like to think of the revenue cycle simply as the financial process of healthcare. Obviously there are many intricate cogs that make up the whole wheel, but we'll keep it simple this time around. So what can MediMobile do to maximize the revenue cycle?  Easy. Accelerate your  time-to-bill and revenue collection, identify any missing charges and documentation in real-time (and reconcile them), send the clinical documentation feed from the hospital EMR to the billing company, improve ICD-10 compliance with the highest level of specificity available, and track quality measures for both MIPS and SCIP. The only good revenue cycle is a healthy revenue cycle, after all. 

Revenue Cycle ManagementPractice Management

The efficiency of the individual practice and operations are critical. That's why we've created physician-centered solutions. Through MediMobile you can manage provider census and rounding lists, track patient hand-offs between providers, increase overall clinic follow-up rates, manage patient documentation improvement initiatives, and track quality measures and custom care paths.

Care Coordination

The patient is always the bottom line, so we've made it easier to care for them in the short and long term. To allow the best opportunities to more efficiently care for patients, providers can communicate securely with members of their care team, provide automatic updates to primary and referring physicians, orchestrate morning discharge processes, and improve outcomes through tracking patients into post-acute and long term care facilities. 

Business Intelligence

Making business decisions, especially in the healthcare industry, is never an easy or straightforward process. We've made it much simpler when it comes to making these types of decisions for you and your practice with real-time reporting and analytics (we call it MediTrend), business monitoring processes, increased visibility into revenue and business processes, and insight into provided value by facilities and health systems during potential contract negotiations.

Beyond Mobile Charge Capture

We've made it a point to create an all-in-one solution that not only cultivates a strong revenue cycle, but one that is as user-friendly as possible as well. All of this, of course, isn't possible without properly capturing patient charges and information. Without that initial touch point, the rest of the process is disorganized and chaotic.

With an emphasis on maximizing the revenue cycle, efficiently managing practices, coordinating care, and providing valuable business insights, MediMobile has solved many of the most pressing issues providers, practice administrators, revenue cycle teams, and health organizations are being faced with today. 

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