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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Apr 26, 2024 8:44:05 AM

New MediMobile Service Levels & Pricing Webpage

Our new service levels web page is designed to streamline your charge capture questions and needs. Whether you're seeking essential functionalities or craving the cutting-edge benefits of artificial intelligence, MediMobile has you covered.

View the new webpage: https://www.medimobile.com/service-levels-and-pricing

MediMobile Reporting and Analytics Dashboard Function

Let's dive into the details of each tier:

Essential - Charge Capture

At the core of our service levels lies the Essential tier, which offers all the fundamental features needed for seamless charge capture and processing. From the Charge Capture Suite to Secure Communication and Transition of Care Tools, this tier provides everything you need to ensure accurate and efficient billing. What sets us apart? We offer these essential features at a 40% reduced price point compared to our competitors, without compromising on quality.

Advanced - Revenue Reconciliation

Building upon the foundation of the Essential tier, the Advanced tier takes your revenue reconciliation to new heights. With additional intelligence and advanced features, such as Analytics and Real-Time Monitoring, you gain deeper insights into your financial performance. Patient Charge Reconciliation and Charge Documentation Reconciliation streamline workflows, empowering you to manage charges and patients with unparalleled efficiency.

Autonomous Coding - Charge Mining

Prepare to revolutionize your workflow with our AI-powered Autonomous Coding tier. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, this tier ensures no charge goes unnoticed. In addition to all the features of the Essential and Advanced tiers, Autonomous Coding offers game-changing functionalities like Automated Charge Creation and MIPS Measure Generation through documentation. Say goodbye to manual coding processes and hello to automated unparalleled efficiency.

With MediMobile's Service Levels, you can expect:

  • Cross-Platform Availability: Access your essential tools wherever you are, whenever you need them.
  • Coding Management: Simplify your coding processes with intuitive management tools.
  • Data Management: Keep your data organized and secure at all times.
  • Tier 3 Security: Rest easy knowing your sensitive information is protected by top-tier security measures.
  • Support & Training Platform: Our team is here to assist you 24/7/365 every step of the way, ensuring you make the most of our services.
  • Quality Measure Programs: Stay ahead of quality measures with built-in programs designed to optimize your performance.
  • Patient Management Tools: Enhance patient care and satisfaction with comprehensive management tools.
  • Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your operations with robust reporting capabilities.

MediMobile Clinician Charge Capture Views

Experience the future of charge capture and revenue reconciliation with MediMobile's Service Levels. Whether you're a healthcare provider, practice manager, or billing specialist, our innovative solutions are tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Join MediMobile in unlocking new levels of efficiency and profitability in healthcare billing!

Be sure to view it all on our new webpage: https://www.medimobile.com/service-levels-and-pricing

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