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06 12, 2017

4 Ways You Can be Actively Working to Maximize Your Revenue if You're a Provider

3 minute read
by Jon Reed |
December 06, 2017
Your patient is your priority, That's always the bottom line. But what about you? As a provider, you work hard to ensure your patients are healthy and safe. So make sure you're getting paid properly for the services you're providing. This isn't [...]
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29 11, 2017

Don't Let Healthcare Technology Come Between You and Your Patients

2 minute read
by Jon Reed |
November 29, 2017
You've heard it before. "We don't want to come between you and your patient." Sure, sometimes it's true. Too often though the technology being offered is cumbersome, not user friendly, and doesn't have the provider-patient relationship at its core. [...]
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22 11, 2017

Worried About the MIPS 2017 Transition Year? Don't Be.

3 minute read
by Jon Reed |
November 22, 2017
There has been widespread fear of MIPS and its quality measures for some time. The program has been on the table for awhile, but has only recently began to gain momentum, particularly within the past few months. Before we dive into the ocean that is [...]
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06 11, 2017

Why Reconciliation is the Most Important Aspect of the Revenue Cycle

3 minute read
by Jon Reed |
November 06, 2017
If you visited any of our booths during recent trade shows, you might have noticed one particular theme: Leaving money on the table. Where we just left small bills adding up to +/- $200 on a table as a game (think jelly beans-in-a-jar), many [...]
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29 09, 2017

Clinical Documentation is Key in Cultivating a Healthy Revenue Cycle

3 minute read
by Jon Reed |
September 29, 2017
A healthy revenue cycle has many different and moving components, each of which are connected and provide an inherent value. Clinical documentation is at the core of every patient encounter, making it one of the most important aspects of the revenue [...]
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23 08, 2017

The Importance of Interoperability in Healthcare

4 minute read
by Jon Reed |
August 23, 2017
Interoperability isn't necessarily a new concept to the healthcare industry, but it is an increasingly relevant one due to the massive amounts of data that are on the move in hospitals today. To put it simply, interoperability describes the level of [...]
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