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08 06, 2017

Charge Capture Eases Transition to Value-Based Care

3 minute read
by Jon Reed |
June 08, 2017
Value-based care is quickly becoming the new norm throughout the healthcare industry. The push to transition to a more patient-oriented approach has been a rocky one so far though. Not only does the exact meaning of value-based care seem elusive, [...]
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27 01, 2017

The Challenge of Quality Hospital Integrations

1 minute read
by Daniel Guinn |
January 27, 2017
Quality integrations in healthcare are few and far between. The need for interoperability is glaring, yet hospitals and vendors seem to brush integrations off as an afterthought. Why then, is something that provides concrete value (and improves [...]
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21 10, 2016

Office-based Providers: 2 Keys for Reimbursement

1 minute read
by Daniel Guinn |
October 21, 2016
  Today we are discussing the financial foundation of an office-based provider. For clarity, we define an office-based provider as performing non-emergency, elective-based services. With office-based providers, we consistently see 2 overlooked [...]
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29 09, 2016

Unspecified ICD-10 Codes: What the End of the Grace Period Means

2 minute read
by Daniel Guinn |
September 29, 2016
The grace period is over as of October 1, 2016. What does this mean for providers? Well, CMS is not exactly clear in their 11-page document explaining the changes. Here’s what is clear: Code as accurately as possible for care you have provided. It’s [...]
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22 08, 2016

The Case for Automation in Medical Billing

1 minute read
by Daniel Guinn |
August 22, 2016
We advise all doctors to have a “strong billing contingent.”  Here’s what that means: They know how to find missing patient information. They know how to determine charge codes based on medicaldocumentation. They know how to work denials. In this [...]
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23 06, 2016

Why We've Chosen Not to Raise VC

2 minute read
by Daniel Guinn |
June 23, 2016
Browse the homepage of any tech reporting website and you will learn that private tech companies are headline junkies. This should be no surprise given the sky high valuations of 2015, record-high seed funding, and Series A/B/C rounds mimicking IPO [...]
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