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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Feb 5, 2024 1:43:01 PM

Seeing a Return on Investment (ROI) with MediMobile

The effective management of revenue is vital for clinicians seeking financial stability and growth. Our solution, MediMobile's Autonomous Medical Coding, can effectively increase your revenue and automate the charge capture process accurately. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence trained by clinical documentation, this innovative system delivers by increasing revenue, streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Capturing Every Charge:

MediMobile is committed to ensuring that no revenue slips through the cracks. The system is designed to capture all charges, leaving no room for oversight or missed opportunities. By automating the coding process, it eliminates the risk of human error, ensuring that every service provided is accurately documented and billed. Providers see our system’s output and approve or edit the charge. Our system learns and improves from edits made, ensuring the most up-to-date and precise information.

Eliminating Unbilled Patients:

A common challenge in the healthcare industry is the risk of leaving patients unbilled, leading to lost revenue. MediMobile addresses this issue by notifying the clinician or administrator, making sure that every patient encounter is accounted for and appropriately invoiced. This meticulous approach not only boosts revenue but also enhances the overall efficiency of the billing cycle.

Autonomous Coding for MDM Precision:

MediMobile's Autonomous Coding system takes the guesswork out of Medical Decision Making (MDM). By suggesting accurate levels for MDM, the system ensures that billing is precise and in accordance with the complexity of each case. This not only minimizes billing errors but also maximizes reimbursement, ultimately contributing to a healthier bottom line.


Monitoring and Accountability:

One unique feature of MediMobile is its ability to track and display the edits made by doctors to charges and levels. This transparency allows administrators to identify who is consistently capturing all charges correctly and who may need additional training or support. This level of accountability ensures that your team is maximizing revenue potential.

Return on Investment:

One of the most pressing questions for clinicians considering a new system is, "How soon will I see a return on investment?" MediMobile finds that most clients see a return on investment within 3-6 months. The system's efficiency in capturing charges, reducing claim denials, and streamlining workflows contributes to a swift financial turnaround for healthcare practices.

Time-Saving Automation:

MediMobile not only optimizes revenue but also empowers clinicians by saving valuable time. With automation handling everything from CPT-Code Selection to ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Selection, clinicians can expect to gain back 10-20 hours per workweek. This newfound time can be invested in seeing more patients or focusing on other critical aspects of healthcare delivery.

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