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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Oct 25, 2023 2:22:23 PM

The Rise of Autonomous Coding with MediMobile’s AI in 2024

MediMobile's Autonomous Medical Coding is transforming the way clinicians and billers operate. As we approach 2024, the healthcare industry awaits radical innovation, and MediMobile is at the forefront of this revolution.

Autonomous coding, the cornerstone of MediMobile's approach, involves the seamless integration of AI into medical documentation processes. The result? An automated system that reads, creates, and accurately codes all charges for providers. What sets MediMobile apart is its commitment to integrating AI without requiring clinicians to relearn or overhaul their existing processes.

In the past, providers faced the cumbersome task of initiating and coding charges, a process that often demanded meticulous attention to detail. Enter MediMobile’s AI solution—the charge is not only created for the provider but is accompanied by all relevant information. The workload on providers and billers is significantly reduced as the AI system completes various tasks, charges and medical coding.


One notable feature of MediMobile's system is the flexibility it offers to its users. Providers can choose to go directly to charge or review and accept before transmission. The autonomy extends to configuration options, with all charges created and coded by MediMobile AI visible to both providers and billers. The Charge Review Application further facilitates the review process for billers and coders, ensuring a transparent workflow.

The true power of MediMobile’s Autonomous Coding lies in its ability to create and code charges once the patient's medical chart is completed in the EMR. The AI system identifies missing charges, creates them, and the autonomous coding engine swiftly codes them, presenting the results in a matter of seconds. The provider can then either approve the charge or have it automatically submitted for processing, saving valuable time and resources.

MediMobile's overarching goal is ambitious yet transformative—to eliminate the need for charge capture for all providers. By implementing MediMobile’s Autonomous Coding and intelligent workflow, the system allows healthcare providers to redirect their focus from administrative tasks to patient care.

The effectiveness of MediMobile’s AI healthcare technology is further emphasized by its reliance on detailed clinical documentation. The more comprehensive the documentation, the more accurate the autonomous coding becomes. Current usage statistics indicate that MediMobile's Autonomous coding engine surpasses competitors, boasting an accuracy rate 50% to 100% higher, thanks to its unique and proprietary process and technology.

MediMobile is actively working towards eliminating the need for providers to capture their charges manually. Through a combination of clinical documentation, AI-assisted workflow, autonomous charge creation, and coding, the system is paving the way for a future where charge capture becomes a thing of the past.

MediMobile recognizes that medical coding is the lifeblood of successful practices and facilities. The AI-Based Autonomous Coding Engine promises increased coder productivity, streamlined workflow processes, consistent charge throughput, and the highest level of compliance by matching documentation to charges.

As we navigate the complexities of healthcare in 2024, MediMobile stands as a beacon of innovation, reshaping the landscape and empowering healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters—the well-being of their patients.


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