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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Jul 16, 2019 1:36:31 PM

MediMobile launched the Mobile Charge Capture application in 2003 and hasn’t slowed down. Since its inception we have upgraded services and added more tools for an unmatched user experience.

Here are the TOP 5 Benefits of having a Mobile Charge Capture solution to maximize your organizations revenue cycle.

Increase provider revenue:  Our software allows physicians to be in control of their earnings and get paid faster for the work they have done.  By having real-time clinical documentation this decreases the amount of hours on paperwork and you will have the energy to improve the quality of patient care.  There has been an average revenue increase of $40,000 a year for providers that utilize our charge capture application across many specialties.

Integrates with any EMR:  Regardless of the system your organization uses, integrating with hospital systems has never been easier. ADT and clinical documentation feeds provide the most recent patient list information as well as visibility into any missing or unsigned documentation.  Manage the flow of data between multiple facility EHRs, practice management and provides billers with visibility to all relevant data in one place, eliminating the need for portals.

Advanced coding compliance: You will obtain the tools for the opportunity to decrease missing charges and denials at your fingertips.  We have AI coding assistance which allows for charge creation with greater specificity in fewer clicks. Begin to reduce daily errors that leads to undercoding and overcoding that causes the delay in the billing process.  

Improved charge lag: Improving your current Days Sales Outstanding can become a reality within days and daily users have experienced a 60% average reduction in days to bill.  We deliver industry leading reporting and analytics to view missing bills, identify unsigned charts, manage your census list, track RVUs/productivity and more.  You may now avoid unnecessary longer patient stays which adds costs for the hospital and patients.

Solutions for small and large practices: No matter the practice size, you can still gain a streamline process with efficient workflows for all your healthcare employees involved.  We will provide your organization with free HIPAA-compliant messaging that allows providers to communicate easily in seconds. Overall, the ability to have real-time physician consulting improves the quality-of-care for patients.  We currently maximize provider revenue at 4 of the TOP 5 largest hospital systems and the largest multi-specialty physician management company in the country. 

We have an expansive customizable solution offerings that covers revenue cycle, practice management, care coordination, business intelligence, and charge capture is just a small part of what we offer.

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