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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Sep 28, 2023 2:38:58 PM

What can AI do for my hospital system’s revenue cycle management practices?

The healthcare industry is no stranger to challenges, and in recent years, burnout levels among medical professionals have reached alarming heights. While nurses and physicians often come to mind when discussing healthcare worker burnout, it's essential to recognize that revenue cycle management staff, including medical coding and billing teams, are also facing significant challenges. The increasing demand for medical records staff, coupled with rapidly changing coding guidelines and compliance regulations, has created a perfect storm for employee burnout. Let’s discuss how on MediMobile's AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding can help.


  1. The Future of Charge Capture:

    MediMobile is pioneering a transformative approach to charge capture. Their accessible clinical documentation, workflow, and our Autonomous Coding processes are working together to eliminate the need for providers to manually capture charges. This innovation streamlines the entire process, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most: patient care.


  1. Relieving Employee Burnout:

    Medical coding and billing teams play a crucial role in the revenue cycle management of any healthcare organization. However, their repetitive workload and the pressure to maintain accuracy can lead to burnout. MediMobile's AI technology automates coding processes, reducing the burden on coders and enabling them to concentrate on more complex tasks. By providing medical documentation in the application and our AI coding grid increasing confidence in coding accuracy.


  1. Eliminating Charge Review Backlogs:

    Backlogs can disrupt the entire revenue cycle, causing delays in cash flow and lost revenue. Autonomous Coding provides a faster and more accurate solution to coding, which is the key to eliminating these backlogs. By leveraging AI, healthcare organizations can ensure timely and precise coding workflows, preventing bottlenecks in the revenue cycle.


  1. Supporting Staffing Shortages:

    Staff shortages are a common challenge in revenue cycle management, whether due to burnout, difficulties in finding qualified personnel, or temporary leaves. AI can seamlessly step in to meet medical coding needs, ensuring continuity in revenue flow. This automation not only prevents disruptions but also supports coding accuracy and quality, reducing the stress on existing staff.


  1. The AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding Engine:

    MediMobile's Autonomous Coding Engine is at the forefront of the industry. Here are some key features:

Automated Scoring Grid: Providers and coders can access an automated scoring grid for final code selection and review, improving confidence in coding accuracy.

Coding Accuracy: Autonomous Coding enhances coding accuracy, ensuring healthcare organizations maximize revenue.

Compliance Assurance: Autonomous Coding achieves the highest level of compliance by matching authenticated documentation to billed charges.

Real-Time Validation: The system is up to date sending verified charges immediately into your billing system with single-click validation and acceptance, reducing errors.


  1. Benefits for Healthcare Organizations:

    Implementing MediMobile's AI technology offers several advantages:

Increased Coder Productivity: Coders can work more efficiently, reducing the workload and burnout risk.

Streamlined Workflow: The system streamlines processes, ensuring consistent charge throughput.

Reconciliation Guarantee: By matching documentation to charges, organizations maintain 100% compliance.

Enhanced Confidence and Accuracy: Coders benefit from improved coding confidence and accuracy.

Reduced QA Coding Holds: Immediate access to documentation reduces the need for quality assurance coding holds.


  1. The MediMobile Difference:

    MediMobile's rich history in the charge capture industry, spanning over 20 years, sets them apart. Their integration of real-time data feeds from hospital systems provides customers with a significant advantage, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. With features like real-time clinical documentation, insurance updates, and readily available documentation, MediMobile ensures healthcare organizations can optimize their revenue cycle management effectively.

MediMobile Clinician Charge Capture Views

In an era where healthcare worker burnout and staffing shortages are rampant, AI offers a promising solution for revenue cycle management in hospital systems. MediMobile's AI-Based Autonomous Medical Coding software and innovative charge capture approach are transforming the way healthcare organizations handle coding, billing, and compliance. By harnessing the power of AI, hospitals can put patients first, reduce burnout, and ensure a smooth and efficient revenue cycle management process. It's time to embrace AI as a vital tool in the healthcare industry's quest for excellence with MediMobile.


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