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Posted by The MediMobile Team on Jan 27, 2017 2:32:44 PM

Quality integrations in healthcare are few and far between.

The need for interoperability is glaring, yet hospitals and vendors seem to brush integrations off as an afterthought. Why then, is something that provides concrete value (and improves care) often discarded.

As is true with most things, integrations get passed over because they are hard (and expensive), hard to setup, hard to obtain, hard to maintain and hard to optimize.

For healthcare providers, revenue cycle management teams, billers and practice administrators patient data is invaluable, invaluable for quality care, care coordination, proper billing, proper reimbursement and business analytics. For hospitals patient data is seen as a liability. They ask, “Why would providers and their teams need access to this data?”, “What do they plan to do with it?”, and the biggest question of all, “Do they have the security to protect it?” All valid questions that need answering, however even with these concerns put to rest, the wrestling match often continues for months or years before any progress is made. This is a process that can be completed in weeks or even days depending on system politics and policies.

Providers need tools with quality integrations.

  • It gives them accurate real time data every time a patient is updated in the facility. (allowing for the best care and most informed decisions)
  • It saves them valuable time by replacing manual entry in the charge capture or billing system(time that can be spent treating patients)
  • It allows them to run their practice efficiently as a business (which indirectly drives down the costs of healthcare)
  • It allows their staff to save thousands of hours and avoid costly mistakes when submitting bills

When using mobile charge capture, quality hospital integrations allow for real time prepopulated data. This avoids manual and duplicate entry when creating and billing patients in the charge capture software.

Giving billers access to that data keeps them out of hospital portals and avoids calls and faxes to obtain up to date information on patients and payers.

Usually the most valuable things are hard. Ensure your next technology vendor is spending time and resources on great integrations and great data. It most definitely matters.


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January 27, 2017 |
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